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V/Line Network Access Portal (VNAP)

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Key features

Book Of Rules and Operating Procedures

Rail Safety

Rail Safety related documents include - 

* Notice of Intent of Works Report
* Book of Rules and Operating Procedures
* Local V/Line Procedures (Section 34)
* Signalling Diagrams
* Weekly Operational Notices
* Network Service Circulars
* Booked Out Infrastructure Report
* Speed Restriction Report
* Network Service Plan

Signalling Diagram

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Engineering Standards

Engineering related documents include -

* Engineering Newsletter
* Type Approved
* IMS Controlled Documents
* Drawings
Engineering Notes

V/Line Network Access Portal

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V/Line Network Map

The V/Line Regional Network Map is available to download by clicking below

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Network Map

V/Line Network Access Portal (VNAP) 

This restricted access site contains V/Lines’ secure network information.

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All data contained within is stored on the internal V/Line Intranet and IMS Systems.

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